Open Call

Dear colleagues, we are calling you to participate in The Salon of the Unbribables that will be held from October 20 and further.

The Salon starts on October 20 2017, on the day of the spectacularly announced opening of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade, to unveil the real state of culture in Serbia.

The Salon of the Unbribables organizes a platform to break with the habit of public silence about the state of culture and art. Although almost everybody is unsatisfied with financing, party pressures, amateurism of the leading cadres and (self)censorship, only a few speak about this in public. Media control and political surveillance have led to a situation, where most of cultural workers, out of personal interests and fear to loose their job or financial support, are silent about the economic and mental repression they are exposed to.

In these times, in Serbia is happening a sort of putsch in culture, leading towards total commercialization and ethnification of arts and culture. The manifest of these processes is the Exposé for the strategy for cultural development in Serbia until 2027. With The Salon we want to bring together “unbribable” positions, that criticize the situation in Serbia clear and loud.

The first event of the Salon will be an artistic protest action on October 20 on the occasion of the opening of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade.

As second event on October 21 follows the presentation of the ArtLeaks Gazette #4 at Polet (Cetinjska 15) from 4-6 PM. Speakers at the promotion of this journal of the international platform ArtLeaks will be Maja Ćirić and Saša Perić.

The program will be continued with an exhibition at NNK space (Ugao Solunske i Sibinjanin Janka) October 27-28, for which you can propose works until October 19.

We invite you to propose further program and to participate in the platform of the Salon!

Works for the exhibition at at NNK space October 27-28 can be proposed until October 19 2017. Please send proposals to unbribables(at) The works need to be developed as specific artistic interventions for the Salon of the Unbribables.

About the Salon:

The Salon of the Unbribables brings together all those cultural workers and artists who withstand the prevalent trend of bribability.

Is it possible to be unbribable in a surrounding that claims that everything and everybody has its price? The Salon of the Unbribables opens the floor for unbribable positions of all forms of expressions, without limits in space and time. Here, unbribability is not understood as a tendency towards a certain value or a moral attitude. These unbribable positions go beyond the imagination of the “VU-totality” that surrounds us, and think unbribability as essential to their action. Therefore, the practise of unbribability is in contradiction with the Real. The Salon of the Unbribables is born out of the situation when artists in Serbia are deprived of space and voice. Being unbribable is a form of protest against the power game with it’s give and take dictated by the bloc in power. Let’s be unbribable here and now, when “VU totality” establishes hegemony in the field of culture and art.

The Salon of the Unbribables will be launched at the re-opening of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade.

Organized by: Nikola Radivojević, Rena Redle, Vladan Jeremić i Tony Maslić


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