Dimensions of Bribability – Exhibition in the frame of The Salon of the Unbribables

October 28 – November 3 2017

Opening with a small celebration.

Saturday, October 28, 3-6 PM
MKM, Magacin at 4 Kraljevića Marka street, Belgrade

At the opening visitors will finally have the possibility to try real and tasty sandwiches!

The exhibition is open for visitors from Monday-Friday from 11 AM – 3 PM

Is it possible to be unbribable in a surrounding that claims that everything und everybody has its price? The Salon of the Unbribables opens the floor for unbribable positions of all forms of expressions, without limits in space and time. Here, unbribability is not understood as a tendency towards a certain value or a moral attitude. These unbribable positions go beyond the imagination of the “VU-totality” that surrounds us, and think unbribability as essential to their action. Therefore, the practise of unbribability is in contradiction with the Real. The Salon of the Unbribables is born out of the situation when artists in Serbia are deprived of space and voice. Being unbribable is a form of protest against the power game with its give and take dictated by the bloc in power. Let’s be unbribable here and now, when “VU-totality” establishes hegemony in the field of culture and art.

Artists: Slađana Babić, Maja Beganović, Nenad Bogdanović, Živko Grozdanić Gera, Jelena Jaćimović, Vladan Jeremić, Biljana Kosmogina, Tony Maslić, Sofija Modošanov, Nikola Radivojević, Rena Redle, Aleksandra Vasović.


About the exhibition_28.10.17_pdf

Thank you for support: Magacin and NKSS



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